Biophilia Community Association

A not-for-profit social enterprise and membership organisation based on Goffin Land. The aim is to provide therapeutic, learning and play opportunities to community, fellow travellers (eco / social activists) and those is need of a helping hand.

Motivation and philosophy:

i. A respect for the Mother Pelican “Working hypothesis” that:
“The patriarchal culture of control and domination is the root of all social and ecological violence. It corrupted the original unity of man and woman (cf. Genesis 3:16) and is now disrupting the harmony between humanity and the human habitat”

ii. To encourage the alignment of self and community with nature, of which we are part. To present opportunity for people, including ourselves, to spend more time in the outdoors. To build a liberating legacy for enlightening tomorrow’s children.

iii.To follow the lead of those that have come before on the odyssey to discover more joyful, creative, synergistic and productive ways of working together for common objectives. The objectives being a permaculture approach for ongoing development of ecological, social and technical processes by which we can live in richer harmony with nature, that is ourselves, community, other creatures and our ecosystem.

iv. This odyssey is seen as a contribution to the evolution of a more collective and self reflective application of our cognitive potential in light of current knowledge of the unique individual.

Who are we?

Co-ordinator / Chair: John Yates, Gray’s Barn, Goffin Land, Church Hill, EX4 9JL
Farmer at above address. 07985 065224

Secretary: David Mezzetti.
Founding member and director of the Real Food Store, Exeter.

Treasurer: Pam Manning:
Retired Civil Servant and citizen’s rights advisor.

Co signatory for cheques: Karen Thurley,
Ophthalmic photographer

Nicola Beglin:
Founding member Exeter Growers Co-operative

Mary Evans: Quaker.
A founding director and semi retired administrator of the Cygnet Training Theatre Exeter.

Gail Parfitt: Quaker.
Deputy Director Community Education Centre, Lecturer in Evaluation and Development In Education, University of Exeter School of Education, Counsellor in Psycho -Therapeutic Counselling. Honorary Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Education University of Exeter 2017 -18.

Co-opted MCM: Dr Tony Davies, Quaker.
Retired university medical researcher and lecturer (Physiology)

With great regret I have to report the death of Tony on 23rd Feb 2021. His spirit lives on. A Quaker with a heart full of love for all. He donated a kidney 7 years back to an unknown recipient.  That was Tony but also with a total dedication to opposing all he saw as wrong – Trident & nuclear weapons,  the Zionist war on the Palestinian people and so much more he knew to be wrong in our world. Long may your spirit warm and empower us. Thank you for being Tony.