Farm Land Share

Beef, lamb, goats, poultry, pigs, small scale fodder crops & cereals. Innovative soil management. Carbon capture. Woodland, short rotation forestry, agro forestry, biochar, bees / honey & more.

Accommodation is needed on Goffin Land to support food production but there is no housing or permission. The Biophilia Project fits the Local Plan closely though there is an impasse with the local Exeter City planning authorities. The possibility of temporary / mobile accommodation could be considered depending on applicants needs in light of the history of planning authorities frequent blindness to agricultural realities. The potential for an association with existing local livestock ventures would also be favourably considered.

Husbandry: My investment / commitment

1. 86 acres of meadow approx 50 sown with herb and legume rich swards all newly fenced and gated.

2. Water to middle of farm plus access to ponds and brook running water.

3. Maintained tracks

4. Maintained chestnut / wire fencing and gates currently being installed across the whole farm land

5. Shared use of a Case 4240 & Case 275

6. Possible share of Land Rover

7. Chicken trailer for rearing chicks and possible field use

What’s here? –   Goffin Woods and Goyles

1. Approximately 10 acres of woods and tree lined water courses. Potential for woodland turkey business.

2. Woodchipper

 Gray’s Barn & Grounds with knowledge sharing and catering opportunity

1. Agricultural barn available for workshops, conferences and gatherings on mutually agreeable terms

2. Commercial kitchen on wheels. Raise animals on Goffin then cook and serve them up at Wildwood Banquets.

3. Rocket stove pizza oven

Who’s the “custodian of Goffin Land” and why?

And what is the  “Working relationship”?



I hope the offer is interesting. It is presented in collaboration with Dan Powell of Land Base (web site is offline being rebuilt) See Facebook: @landbaseuk. My hope is that a successful outcome to share Goffin’s potential will help stimulate the Landbase journey to provide opportunities to those wishing to involve themselves in land based activities.

John Yates ……………….  Custodian of Goffin Land / 19.12.2019

Please contact in first instance Dan Powell of Landbase   dan.landbase – at – gmail dot com

LandBase seeks to provide opportunities to those wishing to involve themselves in land based activities on a range of levels, and to close the gap between the growing interest in rural living and skills, and the lack of structured learning facilities for new entrants to small-scale food production in the UK. LandBase will provide experience led, affordable, long-and short-term courses for motivated land-workers, both current and aspiring.

Facebook search: @landbaseuk