The Biophilia Project seeks to host a wide range of activities to open doors onto the wisdom and ingenuity of our species and to relay these creative practices that have benefited us, our planet and it's biodiversity.

The Biophilia Project

An alignment of self with nature

With respect for the Mother Pelican “Working hypothesis” that:
“The patriarchal culture of control and domination is the root of all social and ecological violence. It corrupted the original unity of man and woman (Genesis 3:16) and is now disrupting the harmony between humanity and the human habitat”

The existing pyramid of power is obsolete. It enslaves us in a fake “reality” and seriously effects our health and wellbeing and that of future generations. It will be overcome when more people think and act independently - together.

It's early days in Exeter sharing in an enlightenment that is resonating around the Earth. On Goffin Land it’s a biophilia permaculture project. The task is to explore practices for synergistic co-operation - the whole being more than the sum of the parts...

Welcome to Goffin Land

A work in process to regenerate soil, nurturing meadows and woodland to create a serendipitous space for reflection and learning for greater wellbeing, mindfulness and joy

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Sunday 26th May Connections BRING & SHARE A new monthly…

An opportunity for a city farm in Exeter?

Ready to go State of the art Regenerative No-Dig commercial market…

The farm & woodland

The vision: To make good way on an odyssey in company with like minds to acquire best knowledge for regenerative farming / food production practices appropriate for the land. Featuring animal husbandry, market gardening, community learning zone, stimulating play scape & therapeutic / physical training facilities.

Embracing permaculture principles:

Care of the Earth – Care of the People – Share the Surplus

A meeting place, planned wholesome woodland food canteen featuring home produced dishes and a convivial space for serendipitous occasion.

Host and collaborator with Living Soil Garden a state of the art regenerative chemical free horticultural enterprise and a developing REKO farmers market Friday’s 5 to 6 in season.

Biophilia Project

Encompassing the Biophilia Community Association a not-for-profit social enterprise and membership organisation based on Goffin Land.

To encourage the alignment of self and community with nature, of which we are all part. To present opportunity for people, including ourselves, to spend more time in the outdoors.

To nurture a liberating legacy for enlightening tomorrow’s children.

Aims to follow the lead of those that have come before on the odyssey to discover more joyful, creative, synergistic and productive ways of working together for common objectives.

To contribute to the evolution of a more collective and self reflective application of our cognitive potential in light of current knowledge of the unique individual.

Also… Volunteer days and week-ends for Kitchen Garden and creating a Magical Mystery Trail through the woods to Beacon Heath

Please check in regularly to stay up to date and get in touch if you would like to get involved.

2023 timeline 2030 Event Horizon?

World in terminal crisis or dawn of an Age of Aquarius?

The chasm between the Earth’s self appointed overlords and us, 99.999% of humanity, and  has widened and deepened dramatically. And now a public/private dystopia is rapidly enveloping us seeking submission to new & far reaching corporate inspired dictates – health, money, food production & more. At times of crisis our ancestors have been spurred to reinvent themselves and their ways “of being” to cope with weather, eco or political upheaval.

Our small contribution to reinvention is the Biophilia Project here in Exeter. If you fancy coming on board in a search for safest course to steer towards a possible Ecotopia   ……   then get involved.