Alt life style opportunity – Exeter City Permaculture and Politics

Hello Unique Visitor,

Thanks for your interest in the advert.

It’s early days for this project which I’ve always seen as a way of exploring the realities of co-operation. Permaculture is a corner stone of the overall project. I believe the basic frame work of permaculture can be harnessed to nurture an evolving co-operative structure.

With 96 acres of meadow and woodland inside the Exeter City boundaries there are a host of ways to develop income bearing activities – to share knowledge about practical ways to live on the land – earn sufficient income to purchase necessities from the commercial world – raise families – open doors to the young so they might build their own “owner’s manual” to their body and mind – have fun – gain greater enlightenment etc.

Some of my dreams  ……

Aquaculture, biochar, bees/honey, mushrooms, maybe Black Soldier Fly etc. these would have a synergistic relationship to market gardening – chickens, pigs and recreational and therapeutic projects.

All the food related activities have a synergistic relationship to the potential for “wild wood feasts” for income and to “share the surplus” with local fellow citizens.

The Off Grid Festival I hope will become a regular event. There is potential for running the bar, selling food and beverages to augment income from market gardening and allied activities mentioned above.

In the few years I’ve been setting up the basic infrastructure on Goffin I’ve spent endless hours listening to dreamers but not come across too many diggers i.e. striking an agreement and getting stuck in. Most have been seeking a slice of a countryside dream for themselves and whether conscious or subconscious there has been an underlying opportunist “gaming” for engagement here.

I’m seeking fair and just mutually beneficial co-operation. Involvement on Goffin will depend on skills, commitment, outlook – and of course a solid contract.

I’m a very angry old man that believes this world does not have to be like it is for coming generations. I believe we live in extremely dangerous times.  However, human knowledge has reached a level where we have mastered technology to provide all we need. We do have to live more gently on the Earth and then there is space for a fulfilling, creative, enriching life – even though we are 7 / 8 billion.

I believe we belong to the Earth – the Earth doesn’t belongs to us.

Give me a ring. I may have to phone you back on Skype as the signal is poor on parts of Goffin.

John Yates  17.7.17


Evolving 96 acre experimental care farm on course as oasis from dystopian world via permaculture principles. Needs experienced singles or couple for horticulture, poultry perhaps goats, pigs. Space to run income generating courses. Permaculture qualified would be big benefit. Money / work exchange depends on skills / social ethics / motivation. Potential “cottage industry” courses / workshops  linked to NHS social prescribing for stressed, depressed, single mums, teenagers. Contract carpentry / ground work possible additional income.  Initially statics available or camper space.  John / Goffin Land: 07985065224