Choose your own natural Christmas tree

Natural Norway Spruce  –

the original Christmas tree


Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th of December – Noon till dark – come for tasty snacks, tea and cake and look around to choose the tree you like. You tag it for cutting, wrapping and collection or make a deal to cut it yourself and go. Trees from £20 to £40

Documentary films are a offering of hope – yes some dark tales but also the joy of being in touch with a hidden world of active  dissent and dedication to work toward a brighter future. More info here.

Raising money for the Biophilia Community Association to supplement Muddy Mums, Dangerous Dads and Goffin Boffin concession rates and the  outdoor adventure, mindfulness, laughter, yoga and other activities currently run at a lost. The objective is to open the door to to deep personal growth and a more sturdy way of being with ourselves – on our own and in company of others.   To stimulate enlightened awareness for people to be in touch with the methods and practices that can tune our bodies and minds for best advantage to deal with the realities we face day to day.