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Attempted Connection ECC Councillors

Latest mail first then back to snail mail to councillors 25.6.2018   E-mail 30.6.2018 LS1 / The relevance of the Local Plan to the Goffin Land Green Tourism Proposal Dear Councillors, Following my letter of last week On the basis that LS1 policies of the Local Plan for the Goffin Land area are valued as […]

Green Tourism

Some examples of desired style of tree houses and lodges                    

Choose your own natural Christmas tree

Natural Norway Spruce  – the original Christmas tree   Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th of December – Noon till dark – come for tasty snacks, tea and cake and look around to choose the tree you like. You tag it for cutting, wrapping and collection or make a deal to cut it yourself and go. […]

Outdoor Fun & Games

Sunday October 1st – Muddy Mums:  See on FaceBook Saturday October 21st – Dangerous Dads:  See on FaceBook Muddy Mums: Sun Oct 1st – As it’s the first Sunday it must be time for Muddy Mums Goffin. This session is all about Autumn, with a woodland walk to find blackberries to make ink for drawing and […]

Land Courtship Workshop at Land Base

LAND FUTURES     Monkton Wyld Court ​SATURDAY 7TH OCTOBER A skill-share event exploring innovative approaches to land access. Land Courtship – trials and tribulations in the quest for mutually co-operative relationships between unequals. Focus on land seekers with limited savings, experience or track record Land seekers require security of tenure and sufficient time to learn new […]

Alt life style opportunity – Exeter City Permaculture and Politics

Hello Unique Visitor, Thanks for your interest in the advert. It’s early days for this project which I’ve always seen as a way of exploring the realities of co-operation. Permaculture is a corner stone of the overall project. I believe the basic frame work of permaculture can be harnessed to nurture an evolving co-operative structure. […]

A green approach to a new economic paradigm

The world of banking and monetary systems can seem too much to grasp as but John Kenneth Galbraith points out: “The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise or to evade truth, not to reveal it” The concept of money: the tragedy and the hope When you open […]

What does permaculture have to do with politics?

Maddy Harland & the Permaculture Team brilliantly and courageously address this challenging and extremely pertinent question in the 2016 Autumn editorial. The editorial exposed the mainstream media’s Orwellian role in shaping distorted world views and spinning political / cultural submission to mammon. Maddy asked us to “stand back from our current economic and political system […]