The Biophilia Project seeks to host a wide range of activities to open doors onto the wisdom and ingenuity of our species and to relay these creative practices that have benefited us, our planet and it's biodiversity.

Brook Side oaks

The Biophilia Project

An alignment of self with nature


With respect for the Mother Pelican “Working hypothesis” that:
“The patriarchal culture of control and domination is the root of all social and ecological violence. It corrupted the original unity of man and woman (Genesis 3:16) and is now disrupting the harmony between humanity and the human habitat”


The existing pyramid of power is obsolete. It enslaves us in a fake “reality” and seriously effects our health and wellbeing and that of future generations. It will be overcome when more people think and act independently - together.


It's early days in Exeter sharing in an enlightenment that is resonating around the Earth. On Goffin Land it’s a biophilia permaculture project. The task is to explore practices for synergistic co-operation - the whole being more than the sum of the parts...

Welcome to Biophilia on Goffin Land

We’ve got a busy year ahead and lots of events coming up in 2017 including:

Book Early To Kickstart The Event And Support The Biophilia Project

There are only 400 tickets available for this family-friendly event. Off-Grid is an open-space handcrafted for re-connection and re-imagination. We hope to inspire both local abundance and global sustainability.

There are many element to this year’s festival on Goffins Land, near Exeter in Devon to enjoy…

Family Fun Day 20th August

Fun for all the family – hopefully in glorious summer sunshine! Games, soft archery, kids theatre workshop, fire lighting, agile play, face paints, shave horse of course, laughter bar & treasure hunt. The only cost is for food at a modest price & licensed bar.

Hosted by the Biophilia Community Association to introduce a starter programme of outdoor fun / forest school events on Goffin.

Also… Volunteer days and week-ends for Kitchen Garden and creating a Magical Mystery Trail through the woods to Beacon Heath

In the pipe line:

Muddy Mums and Dangerous Dads forest school events

Please check in regularly to stay up to date and get in touch if you would like to get involved.